First Anniversary: Universal Studios Orlando

We took a flight down to Orlando just in time.. because during the week of our one year anniversary Alabama was in for a major arctic freeze! We were happy to skip all of that and enjoy the 70s down at Universal Studios.

We were able to ride all the rides at Universal and go to parts of the park Taylor had never been to. We chose to skip Disney World since we had both been there before together, and Harry Potter World and the new Despicable Me ride & Rip Ride Rock It were exciting enough for us! January was just about the best time to go… it wasn’t too hot, and until late in the afternoon we didn’t wait in line for more than 15 minutes.

Ripe Ride Rockit was a blast! We were able to ride it 5 times… haha!

Outside of Hogwarts

Outside of Hogwarts

2014-01-10 10.02.48-1

Butterbeer was delicious just as I expected!

Butterbeer was delicious just as I expected!

Wizzarding World of Harry Potter

Loved the HULK even if it terrified me!! :]]

The Hulk

We spent the nights at the City Walk, which had so much to offer. We loved Pat Obriens and the fast food Sushi place! Oh and of course Margaritaville…

What have I agreed to with these Volcano Nachos from Margaritaville!?

What have I agreed to with these Volcano Nachos from Margaritaville!?

Hiding from the Rain in Taylor's favorite Irish pub.

Hiding from the Rain in Taylor’s favorite Irish pub.

We even pulled this from the back of our freezer…

We tasted our year old wedding cake... and it was just as good!

We tasted our year old wedding cake… and it was just as good!


Our First Christmas

Decorating, baking, gathering, gifting, and excessive amounts of hot chocolate. We enjoyed our first Christmas together… and were actually able to keep it fairly stress-free. We traveled early down to Dothan to see grandparents and the Everett’s. Included seeing the Hobbit of course. Christmas Eve was hosted for the Clements side at my house with all the crew. Christmas Day was spent with the Singletary’s opening gifts and playing board games.

After spending hours trying to find a place for our fake Christmas tree, there was NO place in the living room. We thought it would be as simple as moving the recliner out of the room. Not knowing that it wouldn’t even fit into the hallway and into another room. Dumb walls. We settled on leaving the tree up in our bedroom. Which after all the trouble of dragging the fake tree around… we sure were glad this was not a live (real) tree!! All the fake needles was enough to pick up, thank you. We enjoyed the Christmas lights in our bedroom, I can’t complain. 🙂

Sometimes you do what you gotta do. And sometimes you put the Christmas tree in the master bedroom.

Taylor & Luna were less than thrilled about decorating our tree…

My sister, Beth, helped us decorate our Chalkboard Wall.


Introducing Luna to Santa-Weenie

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve with the Clements

Christmas Eve traditions with the Clements

Our Stockings… yes, Luna gets a stocking!

Baking madness!


Chronicles of Nighttime Cold Medicine

FDA approves it, they say. It will make you feel better, they say.

Honestly I can’t part with this stuff… it’s about the only thing that gets be to sleep in the winter months. My husband seems to bring every illness home with him since he works at a doctor’s office.He hardly ever gets sick though… I’m the one stuck with it! And I don’t think I will ever be well!

So everynight at 8PM, here I am taking another shot before bed! Don’t judge me... For so many things!

2013-11-27 15.37.42

The side effects of cold medicine really get to me. I always feel drowsy the next day… by lunch time I could take a nap on my desk. I wake up feeling like I did not sleep a second.

One night I talked to Taylor [in my sleep] all about how upset I was that Luna only gets one picture when we take our Christmas Card Photos… Absolute nonsense! Luna can have all the pictures she wants. He even tried to tell me I was talking in my sleep, but I kept arguing with him that I knew what I was talking about. ….And I stand by that!

And the best is… I have imagined an entire snap chat conversation. That I believed was real life, for two days!!

Confirmed. I did not receive a snap chat of my brother-in-law sitting in the kitchen of my friends new rental home; captioned “look who’s here”… and now I don’t even know which snap chats were real since you can’t review them! Gonna have to cut back on those, they are messing with my head!

1 2

No wonder you have to be carded when you go to buy this stuff.

Thankful for All Things

Thanksgiving – My faith, that Christ is the center of my life and that I can lean on Him. Thankful for the power of prayer and the growth it has brought to my relationship with Him.

– My husband. I couldn’t have thought up someone who would love me more than he does. I’m thankful for his honesty and continuous devotion to provide for our family. Thankful that he makes me laugh everyday and always talks kind about me, despite all of my ridiculous-ness!

– Family. It’s harder to see my sister & brother, or my parents, and in-laws… and I am so thankful for our weekly dinners or lunches. And my sister who still relies on my closet, why would I give her a key!!

– Our City & Home. While it’s crazy at times, and boring at times it keeps us close to the ones we love and I’m thankful to be living here in our home.Thanksgiving Quote Printable

– Our Careers. Thankful that I work for a company that has the right priorities in ethic and the work they do for the state. From education to protecting businesses, I’m proud to see it all unfold year after year. Thankful for Taylor’s work, since he is so interested in what he does and eager to learn everything he can. Couldn’t see him doing anything else.

– For all the FOOD! I didn’t even have to grocery shop this entire week because we have so much family that has already planned to host Thanksgiving. What a blessing, because I have zero idea how to cook any sort of Thanksgiving Dinner. …Unless it’s Rotel Dip! Which we lived off of last week. …

Football. Tricked you, I do not care 🙂

One Does Not Simply Download the iOS 7!

Awoken this morning by a SnapChat reminding me that today was the iOS 7 Day. Not that one could forget! But I hardly know what day of the week it is these days. And I’m pretty sure it’s still July, right?

However prepared you think you are for this update… you probably, like me, weren’t. Look. I’m talking I already know the features, been searching for screenshots since before the announcement! This is real life. Also I read a little blog post about how to get your phone ready for the update… Hello! You don’t want to run into storage issues! Right?

I’m walking my friend through how to upload her photos over to drop box so she can have that 3.3 GB of space available for the update! … And she has 2837 photos remaining!!

I got this random error message… Pretty sure that another person on the globe and I pushed this button at the same exact time… Only explanation. Like my other friend said, So Promising of the iOS 7… and all the problems it will probably have!

Then there was the problem of leaving my charger at home instead of taking it to the office with me. I looked at it, I unplugged it from the wall, and then I told myself “No, you have another charger in your school bag [in the car]”. No one shares their phone charger on the system update-day… So I’ll be relocating to my car charger momentarily.

52% Battery Left?… RISK IT!

2013-09-18 14.43.49

Except to find out 2 hours later that to install the update… you need at least 50% battery!!

I find a charger… and am now being bothered by the iOS choosing to refuse to verify and install the update!! It’s “unavailable” they say. In four hours I have honestly been through every error for this update… you better be worth it.

The Last Person on earth with the iOS 7 update!!